¡Fíjense qué gran amor nos ha dado el Padre, que se nos llame hijos de Dios! ¡Y lo somos!

-1 Juan 3:1

(2018-2019 St. John theme passage)


The older students are learning how to speak about various groups of people by using subject pronouns. They are also gaining more knowledge to be able to express what these people do by memorizing verbs. Students enjoy acting out the verbs while building their functional vocabulary. The preschoolers have finished learning how to address their family members in Spanish and have a good command of what is needed for a place setting when it is time to eat. They love the opportunity to hold up their utensils when they see me in the cafeteria to tell me which one they are using! Next we'll continue our studies with beverages we drink and foods that we eat.

In addition, the Spanish classes will be welcoming a Teacher Candidate from Martin Luther College in New Ulm mid November. Her name is Miss Brittany Boyd. Please help her feel welcome by introducing yourself to her once she arrives. We are excited to have another Spanish speaker in our classroom! We thank God for this opportunity to develop our Spanish as she continues to develop her teaching skills/style during her time among us.

In His service,

Señora Kramer



We once again are utilizing the application "Seesaw". Seesaw serves as a digital portfolio which will follow each student year after year, if a subscription is purchased. Some of the benefits gained from its implementation are that students are able to see the progression of their language acquisition, families are connected to what is happening in the Spanish classroom, and it makes it possible for me to save instruction time for individual assessment by grading the uploads outside of class. Furthermore, the students appreciate having an audience of loved ones for their academic accomplishments! God has blessed them with the opportunity to learn another language and He has given them the skill set to achieve! (Please download your child(ren)'s projects before the new school year commences in order for them to be saved for your own enjoyment for years to come.)


Check out these fun websites to keep your child(ren)'s brains engaged throughout the school year:

Duolingo; (I created individual accounts for all third-eighth graders before summer vacation. If your child has misplaced his/her username and/or password, please contact me and I will send them to you.)




This list is just a start. Youtube also has many great thematic videos on various topics in Spanish.

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