We have so many things to share with you. Despite all our missed hours and days of school, we are still
learning and having a great time! Here is just a snippet.

The pep rally was so much fun. –Jayda

I enjoy being with my friends, singing “Joy” and mostly everything. –Emercyn

We learned telling time to the closest 5 minutes, but my favorite part were all the snow days! –August

We were so excited to sing our favorite song. –Graysie

I really enjoyed learning cursive capital letters. –Hunter

I enjoyed practicing for our Kids in Action with my friends. –Riley

I love to do the cubes. They helped me learn my numbers and big number. –Tenley

I enjoyed Art. I made a snowman. It was awesome! –Henry

“Joy” is by far their favorite song, which talks about the life we have because of Jesus! And that’s what
it’s all about, friends!

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