I hope everyone has been enjoying their summer! I am back in the classroom every day in July, thinking about my future students and getting ready for next year. Here are a few things you can be doing to make sure you are ready to learn and participate on Day 1:

READ! Out loud, to others, with others, quietly, or just listening to someone else reading. It's ALL good for you!

Review your math facts. Find some apps on your phone or tablet and practice multiplying and dividing so you're not rusty.

Play! Get outside, run around, go to the pool, explore the park, ride your bike, skate, climb something, play sports, dance, do ANYTHING active. We will be doing a lot in physical education classes and if you just sit all summer long it will be tough to join in and succeed right away.

Most importantly - Go to church! Read your Bible! Talk about God's Word with friends and family. It will get you ready for the awesome lessons and discussions that I've been planning for you.

God bless the rest of your summer. It will be over before you know it, and I can't wait to see you all again!

-Mr. Metzger


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