The 2019-2020 school year is off to a wonderful start in the fourth grade! Nine bright-eyed students fill their desks every day in our classroom. We are super excited to have a new student this year. J.W. and his brother have become a part of our St. John student family.

     The fourth grade was privileged to attend an education day at the University’s Southwest Research and Outreach Center in Lamberton. There, students learned farm safety, electrical safety, and how to properly make a 911 call. They also started the germination process for some soybeans that they got to take home. They even brought back some composting “red wigglers” for our classroom. One of the students’ favorite sessions was the presentation by the Minnesota Science Museum in which our students learned about the states of matter. All in all, it was a super day! Special thanks to the Vannelli family for lending us their Suburban.

     Our studies in the classroom are starting to “ramp up” as we have learned our classroom and school procedures. As they become routine, everything else should be a little easier and more efficient.

     One of my biggest joys as the fourth-grade teacher has been sharing God’s word with my students. It’s a blessing to see the knowledge that’s already there, but even a bigger blessing watching it grow. Ask the students and see for yourself.


     Paul Kelm

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