Grade 4

As the snow melts off of the playground and out of our minds, fourth grade is ramping up for a strong final quarter.

Winter sports have ended. Students have more time to work on and complete their assignments. In math class we have really focused our efforts. The students are helping one another remember to do the following: 1) Carefully read the problems. 2) Decide how to find the answer that they are looking for. 3) Work the problem accurately. 4) Check their answers and 5) Double check their answers’ labels. With these, our math scores and our understanding are improving.

We continue to do a lot of reading. We recently finished reading Mister Popper’s Penguins and soon we will be wrapping up our next book Owls in the Family. Students will also be reading books of their own choosing for credit this quarter.

With the warmer weather we are all looking forward to more field trips and more playing outside, but let’s not forget that there is still a quarter of the school year left. Let’s finish the year strong!


Mr. Kelm

Grade 1

We learned about the farm and are going to go to a dairy farm. (Riley)  We have eggs and are going to hatch chicks and ducks. (Hunter)  Now we are learning about the Rainforest. (Tori)  We have vines in our classroom and our snakes are dangling from them. (Landon)  We made leaves to hang on the vines above us. (Cora)  We made frogs and snakes and we’re going to make sloths and birds. (Henry)  We are excited to go to the MLC play about Cinderella. (Emily)  We are doing Jump Rope for Heart and we are practicing jumping rope. (Delaney)  We have been hearing Bible stories about people who worship idols and how God shows that He is the true God. (Deacon)  It has been a busy month!! ~ The First Graders

Grade 6

The fourth quarter has come up on us quickly! We wrapped up our reading units with commercial presentations, where students gave radio, TV, and live examples of advertisements. We will be doing a short study of poetry before starting on a nonfiction unit about Abraham Lincoln. In Science, we built and launched rockets during Lutheran Education Week, followed by a study of electricity and cells. We are looking forward to end of the year field trips, including our big trip to The Cities for an experience at Mill City Museum, and the one-weekend showing of Robin Hood in April.



“Estén siempre alegres, oren sin cesar, den gracias a Dios en toda situación porque esta es su voluntad para ustedes en Cristo Jesús.”

-1 Tesalonicenses 5:16-18

Most recently all grade levels have taken part in making piñatas from scratch in preparation for cinco de mayo (May 5th). We are still putting finishing touches on all 30ish of them as the holiday approaches. We are interspersing a unit on how to describe their feelings. I have also selected a couple of silent short films to create dialogue, build comprehension and linguistic abilities as we finish out the school year.


One major change which I initiated in October 2017 was our usage of the free application "Seesaw." Seesaw serves as a digital portfolio which will follow the each student year after year. Some of the benefits gained from its implementation are that students are able to see the progression of their language acquisition, families are connected to what is happening in the classroom, and it makes it possible for me to save instruction time for individual assessment by grading the uploads outside of class. Furthermore, the students appreciate having an audience of loved ones for their academic accomplishments! God has blessed them with the opportunity to learn another language and He has given them the skill set to achieve! (Please note that at the end of the school year caregivers will need to download their child(ren)'s projects in order for them to be saved. I will send out a reminder.)



God's blessings to you and yours as we say goodbye to winter and hello to spring!!

Señora Renae Kramer

Check out these fun websites to keep your child(ren)'s brains engaged throughout the school year:





This list is just a start. Youtube also has many great thematic videos on various topics in Spanish.

In His Service,

Señora Renae Kramer

Grades 7 - 8

The fourth quarter is flying by for the 7th and 8th-grade students. As we approach the end of the school year, we look back at the amazing opportunities the Lord has blessed our 7th and 8th-grade students as well as our school with. The 7th and 8th-grade students are enjoying the Robin Hood play that they are involved in and look forward to the performances. “And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him (Colossians 3:17)” What a great reminder this Colossians passage is as thirteen 8th-grade students prepare to share their God-given talents in five different high schools across the Midwest.  

Mr. Brassow


Grade 3

This month in third grade, we are busy studying our new novel "The Boxcar Children" In this novel, students have the opportunity to get to know our beloved family of four and how they survived living in the outdoors all on their own. As we explore this new book, we are also looking forward to finishing up our science unit on the Solar System. We look forward to our Easter/ Spring break when we will celebrate the resurrection of our Lord and Savior. 

In Christ, 

Miss Wasser

Grade 2

JESUS- what do you think of when you hear that name? Most likely you are thinking of his suffering and death, His last days here on Earth. As we focus on Maundy Thursday and Good Friday, we focus on hearing about that First Communion, Judas’ Betrayal, The Trial of Jesus, and finally the Verdict. Then comes the waiting period… what is going to happen on Sunday? JESUS RISES FROM THE DEAD! What Great Joy we have! Now we have that promise that we too will rise from the dead! OH HAPPY DAY!!

May the guilt, sadness, and joy remind us of GOD’S LOVE for us sinners. How Amazing, Awesome, Merciful, and Loving our FATHER truly is!

God Be With You!

Miss Schliewe

Grade 5

Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.

1 Thessalonians 5:16-18


Christ is risen!  Alleluia! We are so thankful for the time to reflect on God’s grace during Lent and for the rejoicing that came on Easter morning with the rising of of our Savior!  To God be the glory!


As we move into this last quarter of the school year, the fifth graders find themselves busy learning about ancient and modern cultures from around the world and developing their writing skills by analyzing and writing poetry.  We are also deepening our knowledge of mathematics by studying fractions, probability, and more.


We are looking forward to field trips coming up and to the beginning of the track season.  We also want to say thank you to all of you for your continued support of our school! We appreciate all that you do for St. John!  


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