Grade 4

Greetings from the fourth grade class!

We have settled into our routines. The workload has gradually increased. The students are doing marvelously! The year’s first field trip to Minnesota’s Southwest Outreach and Research Center in Lamberton for Farm Days was an enjoyable and educational day away from school. Singing in church with St. John’s younger students gave us a chance to thank and praise God with our voices. Little Lions soccer, which includes many boys and girls from our class, has come to a close for the season. Two fourth graders, Gabe Sulzle and Zach Malecek, placed first and second in the MVL cross country meet this past month.

As we finish our first quarter parents may be wondering what they can do to continue to help there children. Here a few ideas: 1. Continue to check that they are bringing home their daily assignments and getting them done. Math, writing, and spelling, are examples of classes that may require work or practice every day. 2. Ask to see corrected work and make fixes when it can help to eliminate an error or misconception. 3. Help remind the students that as they near the end of the science or social studies chapter they should be reviewing all of the chapter’s lessons for main ideas, skills, and vocabulary. A study guide or exercise is often given to help prepare for upcoming test. 4. Have your child say their memory work at home and sign their sheet. There are three pieces of memory work each week. 5. Communicate with your child and with the teacher. I welcome calls and texts from parents (and children when they have parent’s permission). I’m glad to help! Blessings as we move into the second quarter.

Mr. Kelm



Grade 1

This past month, 1st grade has been working diligently to get ready for their Kids in Action night. Combined with the 2nd grade, we are performing “Tell Me the Stories of Jesus” , a selection of Bible stories acted out and sung. Everyone has been working very hard to master their lines, learn new songs, and have their first experience with acting on a stage! We look forward to a night with good weather in which we can perform it! It has been my joy as their teacher to see them comprehend these Bible stories even deeper. I’m very proud of the work they are doing!

Grade 6

October sure did come up quickly! We got to experience our first field trips of the year, visiting Bayer/Monsanto in town, Daktronics, and a special trip to church to talk about artwork and symbolism. We're getting ready for the Forensics competition at MLC in November, and finished up our first novel of the year: Hatchet. We've gotten past the review stages of our curricula, so things should be getting more challenging in the classroom from here on out. I look forward to seeing the students continue to work hard and strive to do their best!


 ¡Fíjense qué gran amor nos ha dado el Padre, que se nos llame hijos de Dios! ¡Y lo somos!

-1 Juan 3:1

(2018-2019 St. John theme passage)


The older students are learning how to speak about various groups of people by using subject pronouns. They are also gaining more knowledge to be able to express what these people do by memorizing verbs. Students enjoy acting out the verbs while building their functional vocabulary. The preschoolers have finished learning how to address their family members in Spanish and have a good command of what is needed for a place setting when it is time to eat. They love the opportunity to hold up their utensils when they see me in the cafeteria to tell me which one they are using! Next we'll continue our studies with beverages we drink and foods that we eat.

In addition, the Spanish classes will be welcoming a Teacher Candidate from Martin Luther College in New Ulm mid November. Her name is Miss Brittany Boyd. Please help her feel welcome by introducing yourself to her once she arrives. We are excited to have another Spanish speaker in our classroom! We thank God for this opportunity to develop our Spanish as she continues to develop her teaching skills/style during her time among us.

In His service,

Señora Kramer



We once again are utilizing the application "Seesaw". Seesaw serves as a digital portfolio which will follow each student year after year, if a subscription is purchased. Some of the benefits gained from its implementation are that students are able to see the progression of their language acquisition, families are connected to what is happening in the Spanish classroom, and it makes it possible for me to save instruction time for individual assessment by grading the uploads outside of class. Furthermore, the students appreciate having an audience of loved ones for their academic accomplishments! God has blessed them with the opportunity to learn another language and He has given them the skill set to achieve! (Please download your child(ren)'s projects before the new school year commences in order for them to be saved for your own enjoyment for years to come.)


Check out these fun websites to keep your child(ren)'s brains engaged throughout the school year:

Duolingo; (I created individual accounts for all third-eighth graders before summer vacation. If your child has misplaced his/her username and/or password, please contact me and I will send them to you.)




This list is just a start. Youtube also has many great thematic videos on various topics in Spanish.

Grades 7 - 8

The faculty and staff at St. John are blessed beyond belief. We are thankful to teach God's Word every day in our school. Throughout the challenges that we face in our lives, we are assured and confident in our loving Savior and all that he has done for us. "Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the Lord your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.” - Deuteronomy 31:6

Mr. Brassow


Grade 3

Welcome to Grade 3!


I hope you are all enjoying our snow-filled February! In our classroom, we are slowly trying to get back into a normal routine after all of these snow days and late starts. As always, parents, please check your email for further classroom updates! 

Grade 2

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever. – Hebrews 13:8

This Scripture is just one of many we have for our comfort as we deal with the biggest change in the 2nd grade room. Miss Jensen is no longer with us, but in the arms of her Savior. She loved the children she taught and was passionate about sharing Jesus with them. They miss her greatly, but their child-like faith is so evident as they profess their joy about heaven. The life lessons the 2nd graders have been learning these past few weeks are just as many as the school lessons – all important and having great impact on their education. We press on toward our heavenward goal.

Mrs. Sulzle

Grade 5

See what great love the Father has lavished on us, that we may be called children of God.  And that is what we are! 

1 John 3:1


As the cool and rainy weather approaches, the fifth graders are just getting warmed up to the exciting and new things they are learning in school!  They have been hard at work developing good homework routines and study habits for the school year that we will carry into the quarters ahead.


In our classroom, the fifth graders learning about ancient civilizations found in Mesopotamia.  They are beginning to work on multiplication, long division, and more advanced word problems in mathematics. Students have also been honing their writing and reading skills as they work on personal narratives and reader responses.  


The class is excited to share forensics projects not only with their parents, but also at Martin Luther College in November.  Get ready for creative performances of poetry, prose, stories, and more!


Our class is also thankful for time with our student teacher, Mrs. Severeid. She has been a valuable addition to our classroom.  She will complete her student teaching in the first week of November.

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